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An Active clone version of the famous Wilson Audio Alexandria X2

Who wouldn't like to sit here?....
Just for a little while anyway - listening to ones favorite music

That is what I think Jean-Pierre had been thinking too some years ago

YES - I know some improvements have to be done - get rid of the passive crossover
....and some electronics from G..... S.... !

Obviously Jean-Pierre must have been fascinated by the famous Wilson Audio products and found out that he simply had to make a clone for himself. It's a huge project making a clone of the Alexandria X2, but as you can see above Jean-Pierre began anyway and he was confident that he could do it. He decided to use Focal 13" and 16" woofers for the bass section, 2 pcs ScanSpeak 7" for the midrange and Focal tweeter with inverted Beryllium dome. As rear tweeter he selected a Tang Band Ribbon Tweeter

Jean-Pierre - a proud builder !
Is he a small guy or is it a big speaker...? The answer is: It's a very BIG SPEAKER

Comparing the two boxes above I must say there is some resemblance

Two pictures of the clones and the active gear before the Ground Sound era - what a stack !

The current setup - just missing the DIY preamplifier / crossover box

The Ground Sound electronics with additional electroncs from other companies

Comment from Jean-Pierre:
Now we talk! Is sounds good! and it works fine, Oufff......

Concerning the bass I know thats sound strange but the result is terrific, deep bass, solid, and good control, see the description for more detail at: Wilson Audio

The result is excellent. I have never heard such a top quality product for the DIY project, it's very easy to use and the sound is comparable to products of very high quality

After many tests and adjustments, the result provided increase in clarity, resolution, transparency, and sound staging. The most notable improvement with the DCN was the feeling of lifting a blanket that had covered the Loudspeakers

The upper-mid range became more open and lively, with greater clarity and transparency. Recorded detail became more prominent, but not in a forced or analytical way, I really feel it's alive, open and more.... the bass is tight and in control

So I love it !

I saw your famous preamp DCN28 - I am sure is the best preamp
on the market, but the price is too high for me at the moment....
Could be in the future...! © Ground Sound * Products of Denmark