The galleries listed below is displaying some of our customers systems.
More galleries are in the pipeline...


4-Way DIY speakers in the basement

DCN28 has replaced a number of Ground Sound DCN23 crossovers and a Lyngdorf pre-amplifier powering a 4-way DIY loudspeaker. A Chassis II 1500 quad channel amplifier is powering the JBL 15" corner placed subs and the midrange whereas a tube amplifier is taking care of the tweeters and a Gamut D200 powers the LAT 500 drivers.


Active B&W 802D loudspeakers and Ground Sound DCN28

Removing the passive crossover revealed distortion...
Not in the loudspeaker drivers, not in the power amplifiers - but where?


MagnePlanar 1.7 & DIY Open Baffle SUB tower

DCN28 is the new center of Niels's system replacing Mark Levinson Pre-amplfier. Oben Baffle Sub tower drivers are powered by Ground Sound amplifier and the MagnePlanar panels are powered by tube mono blocks.


DCN28 has replaced a Lyngdorf preamplifier & a Silica digital crossover to improve sound quality...

Svend has built a high sensitivity system with PRO drivers from BMS and Beyma. All is powered by 4 pcs Lab.Gruppen iP450 amplifiers. Of course 2 pcs bridged are for the 18" drivers to have enough power!


How difficult is it in reality to take the big step from passive to active crossing?...

A passive factory-made loudspeaker is converted to active and a walk through shows how the loudspeaker is measured, analysed and total setup is made.
This might inspire you too to take the big step !


DCN28 has replaced a bunch of Behringer electronic boxes to improve sound quality...

Thomas has built a relative rare DIY loudspeaker, which controls the dissipation pattern in the midrange area.
Read on... in the gallery !


Active Fullrange with Sub & Supertweeter

Karsten has developed a new system controlled by DCN28
and 8 x Class A Amplifiers. The system is installed in a
dedicated listening room.


A real upgrade of AudioVector Si6 - active 4-way

Søren discovered our DCN28 - which could simplify the signal chain in his sound system. DAC, preamplifier, equilizer, and digital crossover all in one. And even the volume control in the right place after the DAC's

Søren A:
"Bass is well defined"
"New details are revealed"
"The dynamic capacity is improved beyond any expectations I had"


All started with the facination of the JBL 4430 monitors

Espen E:

"DCN28 is a very capable tool"

"I'm quite sure: The speakers have never sounded so good as now"

"The sound is huge and very dynamic, and both warm and detailed at the same time"


Active Visaton Solitude controlled by DCN28

Karsten have upgraded the Visaton Solitude
with the tweeter horn TL16H.


DCN28 is the "workhorse" for Ben

Ben is experimenting a lot with open baffle loudspeaker systems and DCN28 has proven a valuable tool for quick changes of drivers and setups. It simply makes high quality comparision much easier.


Active Ellam XT in the Ground Sound Office

The "Boss" needed a pair of excellent sounding
loudspeakers in his office......

Read on and see the pictures in the gallery.


Active system with loudspeakers TL100 by Axel Oberhage:

The loudspeaker tweeter and mid-range drivers come from the Danish High-End manufacturer ScanSpeak and the bass driver comes from ATC.

Beat S:
"Es ist wirklich ein super Gerät" (DCN28)


Harry's second gallery
System based upon DCN28 - Digital Crossover / Preamplifier.

Harry: "When you use a beautiful device like a DCN28, you have to try to use all the advantages it can give you."

"How it sounds? Well, it is the best sound I have had in my room up till now"


"The Pimster - second gallery"
The second active loudspeaker project with Ground Sound electronics. This time the choice was the Coolback II 300 with more drivers.

"Pimster" says:
Good detail and sounds really crispy
Okay, I’ve driven them very loud for some time now.
Great sound and tight bass at nearly 2Ohm!!


DCN24RPC in HiFi2000 Chassis

Drik S digital crossover project


Active DIY loudspeakers powered by Coolback II 600

Urs from Switzerland has constructed a closed-box loudspeaker
with drivers from Aurum Cantus and Scan Speak


The AKSA Equilibrium Jr. loudspeaker project

Thomas F was inspired to make a junior project of another Danish forum members project The Equilibrium. Have a look at the junior project - now it has become active....


Busk Audio - The Conductor under perfect conditions

Semi-Pro build loudspeaker system with Vifa & Scan Speak drivers

Comments from Christian:
"Everything has been elevated to something I had never expected from my humble setup"

Actually I had just guessed that my bass would get right, at best, but whew ...


An Active Wilson Audio Alexandria X2

An amazing DIY clone version of the famous
Wilson Audio Alexandria X2.
All processing by Ground Sound digital crossovers

Comment from Jean-Pierre:
The most notable improvement with the DCN was the feeling of lifting a blanket that had covered the loudspeakers


Perfectly build DCN23 & DCN24 kits

Drik S digital crossover projects.
I think the pictures speak for themeselves !


3- & 4-Way Fully Active 7.1 Surround Sound System

The Active Ground Sound concept together with expensive drivers from both Mundorf and Accuton/Thiel. Even the Dynaudio subwoofer will be replaced with a Accuton/Thiel woofer


Actively Powered Sphere:

German Hobby Hi-Fi Magazine project: Kugellautsprecher

Jim Thiel coaxial driver SCS3-N & Vifa 26WA550/4 bass mounted in two half spheres made up of MDF circles. Total diameter 58cm and a weight of 30 kg !


Active DIY clone loudspeaker:

DCN24 replaces DBX driverack

Where does the inspiration come from... read on


Upgrade of very old Ground Sound amps
and replacement of old active filters:

Rebuilding old chassis with the modern Active Ground Sound Concept

Bjørn R:
"- I am truly surprised of the leap in Sound Quality - I didn't expect this much"
"- Now the annoying bass rumbling is gone together with the hiss"


Multiple plywood loudspeaker powered by Coolback II 600:
Mundorf AMT2510, Accuton C90-6-078 and 2 x ScanSpeak 18W/8531

Claus C:
"- the grip on the woofer is superb"

"- and I can not see myself going back to a passive system with the constraints that this will imply"

"I hope it can give some inspiration to others...!"


Upgrade at high speed...   Formula 1 McLaren / Mercedes


The Organ builders own DIY loudspeakers

Roland has build a set of loudspeakers with Mundorf and Accuton drivers and powered with Coolback II 600 (3-way Active Amplifier)

"I have tested a couple of different setups right now. They all sound really great."

"The active way with your Coolback is much more open, direct, fast, clean and colourful."


Making a pair of Vienna Acoustics Mahler fully active

Stefan have had a pair of Vienna Acoustics Mahler loudspeakers for a while without being really satisfied...

When acitve:
"Even with this basic setup the Mahlers sound way better than the original passive setup, and we are talking about 10.000€ speakers."


Active B&W in a 7.1 Home Theatre system

Ole has invested in 7 pcs Custom-made Wall-Hung Active Amplifiers with Ground Sound electronics. All is based on the Ground Sound Active Amplifier Solution and include both our digital crossovers DCN23 & DCN24 - which is DCN24 (4-way) for the front speakers and DCN23 (2-way) for the rest of the speakers.


Active DIY Ribbons with assisting bass boxes

Jan has implemented an active solution with a pair of modified Chassis 600 for his ribbons.


Active 3-way DIY Seas loudspeakers

Matti has bought a pair of Chassis 1503 to make sure that his DIY speaker will get enough power.


Activating Dali Evidence 870

Thorbjørn has upgraded his old pair of Dali loudspeakers and given them new life with two Chassis 603 active amplifiers.

Thorbjørn: "I looked at my trusty speakers and though that if my subwoofers could work that great filtered by DCN23, then why not do the same with my front speakers?"


Antique full-range horns and subwoofer loudspeaker system

Bjarne is very technical minded and he has always experimented with technical solutions beyond what the "normal" DIY person would use.

Bjarne uses a DCN23 Digital Crossover module and PSU DCN Power Supply.

New colours - Wauw - Totally different impression


Rick's DIY Dynaudio loudspeakers

"Every evening I am enjoying the sound through the new DCN23 boxes..."


Claus Karl has made two mono digital crossover boxes with a DCN23 kit

Claus Karl: "I am the proud owner of a DCN23 kit and enjoy every hour I can hear music with it.


Peter K's horn system

The system has been updated - second half of gallery...!

Peter bourght the amplifiers from gallery 3. Peter says:
"I do not miss any of my previous amps!"
"The sound is still clear and clean with a nice sense of 'presence' "
"the 'blocks' are VERY silent considering that the sensitivity of the speakers is +110 dB/1 watt(!) "


Morten's "Boxed" Coolback 603
Morten bought a pair of demo Coolback 603 to upgrade from passive filtering to active filtering.

Morten: "The bass is clearer and with much more correct body to the instruments. The mid now has more direct access to the recording and the same applies to the tweeter"


Jan Erik has made a pair of Active Amadeus loudspeakers:
The sound was quite OKAY and much better than from any other loudspeaker that he have owned previously. Most astonishing is the bass control and the effect of tweaking with the room modes - in his room 42Hz and 59Hz.


Markus has cloned the Pure Passion One loudspeakers:
It is a very big 5-way system in 5 seperate cubes - all active.

"The sound "flows" really free in the air, it is nearly incredible that it comes from the speakers."


Nils Hjelte has made this nice active box
Nils:"It works and soon I will use in a real setup"


"The Pimster"
"The Pimster" as he calls himself has built a Seas Froy inspired loudspeaker and it's a very nice result. The loudspeaker is a 2,5-way based on two Seas W15CY001, ScanSpeak D3004/660000 and our electronics - Coolback303


Kim H. - new subwoofer boxes with 2 x 12" XXLS Peerles
He has installed seven amplifier blocks for his 5.4 surround home theatre. The loudspeaker system consists at the moment of five 2-way speakers with two 6,5" ScanSpeak bass/mid driver and one ScanSpeak 1" alu dome and the subrange is performed by 5pcs. boxes with Peerless 12" XXLS subwoofer drivers. Definitly a Home Theatre with a huge dynamic range...


Stig's active ATC
Stig bourght the 5 active amplifiers from gallery 6 and activated his ATC SCM-100. In this gallery you can see how simple it was...



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