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DIY Audio System in Sweden

Matti has build his own preamplifier and loudspeakers. Before going active Matti had passive filters and the bass were corrected with an equlizer to adapt to the room response. Matti has now invested in a set of the big Chassis 1503 to power his loudspeakers. He will not be short of headroom for the drivers.

The preamplifier is passive, fully balanced and floating from ground. The preamplifier has a 24-step resistor network volume control. RIAA input for both MM and MC of single shunt type. All inputs are switched via relays and there are 2 balanced, 2 singled-ended and 2 RIAA MC/MM inputs.

The loudspeakers are closed boxes 3/30 liters made of mahogany with sides in granite stone. The bass is a Seas Excel 8" (25-500Hz). The mid-range is a modified Fostex 4" (500-3000Hz). The dust cap is replaced with a CNC manufactured phase plug made of brass for better cooperation with the tweeter. The tweeter is a Gradient Air Motion Transformer (3000-50000Hz). Matti's brother has made the beautiful tweeter house in brass also with CNC machinery.

Matti: "Only Stereo - although I have a considerable DVD collection I think that surround is overestimated."

New DIY loudspeakers are planned - we are looking forward to see the new babies...

The drawings for a new magnetic system for a SEAS Excel 10". The new neodymium magnet system is developed using FEMM analysis. The components will be constructed in the near future and must be properly made. Matti is looking forward to see if the modification is successful. © Ground Sound * Products of Denmark