Gallery Stefan Wehinger

Stefan have had a pair of Vienna Acoustics - Mahler loudspeakers for a while without being really satisfied...

The sound performance was not as good as expected for a pair of 10.000€ speakers, especially when compairing them to his 4000€ acitve Genelec in his bedroom. Stefan contacted Ground Sound for advice about active solutions for his Mahler loudspeakers and at the same time he made a thread on the German forum Thread name: Aktivierung Vienna Acoustics Mahler. To say it least there was not much support for his thoughts... BUT he already had come to the conclusion that he had to go the active path. He bought a pair of Chassis 600 modified with an extra amplifier module and the digital crossover DCN24 to make the Mahler loudspeakers fully active 4-way - that is one amplifier channel for each driver range(tweeter - bass/mid - bass - sub). He also invested in our XOverWizard II advanced version to be able to make the necessary measurements for a perfect setup.

Here is a collage of the things Stefan had to do to go active:

Taking out the connector panel and disconnecting the passive filter



A look into the back of loudspeaker which is now releaved from it passive crossover
and below you can see the new connector from Neutrik called SpeakOn with 8-pols

The Mahler loudspeaker is now ready for measurements of each of its drivers

Making the measurements at 80-90cm on axis between tweeter and bass/midrange

This shows the measurement that Stefan made of the Mahler tweeter in XOverWizard II advanced
and this is the complete measurement file for the Vienna Acoustics Mahler
(Zip file and it "only" opens in XOverWizard II advanced)

This shows a suggestion for a setup in XOverWizard II based upon the measurements
and this is the .xof file for the suggested Vienna Acoustics Mahler setup
(Zip file and it "only" opens in XOverWizard II standard or advanced)

Nice active Mahler loudspeakers back in "service" and ...

Comments from Stefan:

"Even with this basic setup the Mahlers sound way better than the original passive setup, and we are talking about 10.000€ speakers."
"You are right, The sound is definetely cleaner than before. I can not play much louder due to my neighbors, but it is loud enough." © Ground Sound * Products of Denmark