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A 7.1 Surround Sound System with Activated B&W loudspeakers
and Wall-Hung Amplifiers - all Ground Sound modules

Ole decided now it was time for his Home Theatre to be all active and he even decided to go from 5.1 to 7.1 setup. This required one more set of loudspeakers and he invested in a pair of used B&W Nautilus 804 for the front. Originally, these speakers are ordinary 3-way systems where the two 6.5 "bass units running in parallel. But in Ole's new setup, the bass units are powered by one power amplifier each so that the speakers are now running as 3 ½-way systems. Bas resonance is identical for the two units, while crossover frequency and frequency response up to the mid-range is different.
He will have a lot of headroom in this new system, because his livingroom is "only" about 20m².


Ole and his friend Bjarne has made the construction drawings with aid from some construction details from our Coolback design. All metal parts were delivered through Ground Sound.

Construction drawnings:    HeatSink.pdf   Connector Plate.pdf   Top Plate.pdf   Cover.pdf

As always it's a bit caotic when installing a whole new system and especially an active surround...
Here's some pictures:

Three amplifiers on the front wall - two for front speakers and one for center

Close up of the center amplifier

Here's four amplifiers ready for installation.
Notice the nice detail for multiple options of hanging the amplifier on the wall - the big +

Ole's system components:

Denon DVD-1940 CD/DVD-player
Denon DCD-1290 CD-player
Sony MDS-JE930 MiniDisc-player
Sony 40" LCD Television

Surround PreAmplifier:

B&W Nautilus 804 - Front
B&W HMT4s - Center
B&W Nautilus 805 - Rear
B&W SCMs - Surround
DIY Subwoofer based on two 15" JBL 2231A Isobaric Closed Box Design

Ground Sound Active 2- and 4-way
Products used DCN23, DCN24, PA1CC, PA3CC, PSU8SA, TR300 and TR600
Denon POA6600 for the subwoofer

Pictures of the final setup


Below you see the rear speakers and thier dedicated 2-way active amplifiers.
Notice the amplifier between the shelves on the right picture behind the books


Above left a surround speaker and it's 2-way amplifier. Above right a front speaker and it's 4-way active amplifier

Comment from Ole:

"Using Ground Sound's DCN23 and DCN24 digital crossover modules makes it easy to experiment with filters and frequency characteristics. There are a myriad of options,

...and that's when the fun begins! " © Ground Sound * Products of Denmark