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Active system with DCN28 and Visaton Solitude extended with TL16

Karsten had decided to make his Visaton Solitude loudspeakers fully active with our DCN28.
The drivers in the normal version Solitude are Visaton B200 and 2 x Visaton GF200. Normally the Solitude loudspeakers have a 15 components passive corssover. Karsten has chosen to extend the frequency range with a Visaton TL16H tweeter horn.

Initial measurements and setup session

Karsten wanted a "Sørensen" version of the DCN28

The elegant way to connect multiple power amplifier channels to a loudspeaker - Neutrik 8-pol NLT SpeakOn

The active Solitude was meant to be Karsten's spare time relaxation in his and his wife small apartment in Tokyo,
but the tragical events of the 2011 big earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster forced them home to Germany prematurely. What will happen next - time will show.

Karsten took this picture just the day before the big earthquake - he didn't get much time with it...

Karsten & his wife are back in Germany and he has refined his loudspeaker system with a Ripole bass and new enclosure for the mid / full-range. Have a look at the upgrades here: Karsten's second active loudspeaker system © Ground Sound * Products of Denmark