Gallery Office

Active Ellam XT in the Ground Sound Office

The "Boss" needed a pair of excellent sounding loudspeakers in his office. I found out that we had some spare drivers in stock from earlier loudspeaker project and the drivers were exactly the same as Troels Gravesen uses in his Ellam XT project. The "Boss" also donated a proto type DCN28 and a 4-channel Power Amplifier for this exclusive project. You can read more on the Troels Gravesen - Ellam XT page, but it's of course only passive with all the limitation it implies..!
You can find enclosure drawings on the Ellam 9800 page.

The Ellam project was actually inspired by the Audio Components A4 Monitor - a DIY Scan-Speak Reference Line project.

The "donated" Power Amplifier is a design experiment previously made by Robert GS.
The amplifier is updated with remotely controlled power on and balanced XLR input buffer card.
The amplifier can produce around 4 x 100W at 8 ohms.

The heart of the small loudspeaker system DCN28
- you may say it's a Soundcard, Preamplifier, DAC, Equilizer, Room Correction , and Digital Crossover - all-in-one !

The active Ellam loudspeakers make working in the office more enjoyable...
just think of all the nice possibilities like background music internet radio and news,
perfect sound quality on Skype, short breaks of NAS streamed lossless music etc. © Ground Sound * Products of Denmark