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A fully active surround sound system
- all based upon the active Ground Sound solution !

The active Ground Sound solution is an intergrated and optimized solution for activating a loudspaeker system. The solution is comprised of a digital crossover module DCN23 or DCN24, two or more amplifier modules, toroidal transformer and a power supply module with soft start, amplifier mute control, regulated voltages for the digital crossover module and capacitor bank for the power amplifier modules.

Above you can see the wast number of electronic boxes in Dr. Madritsch's system
- notice the surround processor Lexicon MC12 with room-correction among the devices

The planning phase for the active amplifiers

The active 7.1 surround sound system will be employing both 3-way and 4-way active amplifiers. Dr. Madritsch has invested in several DCN23, DCN24, PA1CC, PA3CC, PSU4SA, PSU12SA, TR300 and TR600 for realization of his dream system. Further more he has invested in several drivers from Mundorf - the top model Air Motion Transformer AMT2510C. The bass and midrange drivers are both from Accuton Thiel - the superb ceramic cone drivers chosen are C173-06-096 and C220-6-222

Soldering and assembly of the active amplifiers

Programming the CNC mashine

CNC mashinery milling the chassis parts

The master himself working the box material assisted by a student of a technical university
The box material is the rather exotic Coristal/Creanit delivered by Coristal AG

Drawings on the door to visualize the final result. An very expensive line up of Thiel / Accuton ceramic drivers.
The assistant has been at it - programming the proto type.

One of the rear speakers seen from the rear

A close up of the well-organized connection panel

Rear speaker front

Right rear speakers with the current Dynaudio Focus sub - will be replaced at some point. The replacement will be yet an own made construction employing Thiel 280 sandwich drivers

Left side rear

This is the way a real High End surround can be made ! © Ground Sound * Products of Denmark