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Active Amadeus TNT S7 - ScanSpaek DIY loudspeaker kit

Jan Erik started this project over 2½ year ago...BUT that's not unsual for such a project
- some project have never been finished before a new one has caught ones attention...

This project has been finished with a very nice result

The "normal" passive kit has the port sitting in the back on a removable plate together with the input terminals. The Ground Sound Coolback II 600 has replaced the removable plate. The reflex port has been mounted in the bottom and four 25-30mm high feet will make sure that the port will work correct

A view into the box - through the lower bass driver hole you can see a part the Coolback II 600

Left and right loudspeaker is mirrored as the above pictures show. Jan Erik is "caught" in the right picture...

The initial test of the loudspeakers is performed with an old NAD pre-amp and low price Sony CD player - But the sound was quite OKAY and much better than from any other loudspeaker that he have owned previously. Most astonishing is the bass control and the effect of tweaking with the room modes - in his room 42Hz and 59Hz. © Ground Sound * Products of Denmark