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External active amplifiers for surround system

His old chassis is fitted with a new DCN23 module and a PC-connector.
Total power is around 2500W and 400.000µF capacity in 5 blocks.
Later on the subwoofer amplifiers will be ready.

Some modification of the chassis has been done

Power supply and the two amplifier modules in place

DCN23 module waiting for cables

Five chassis ready for a test run

Two nice and "small" chassis ready to entertain in the Home Theatre!

The subwoofer amplifiers nearly ready for a "small" test

These amplifier are also "older" modeles - upgraded with our DCN23 and TR1500VA for better performance

Notice the amplifier modules - a bit old TO-3 output devices, but still working very good

Ready to rock....

Ole, Thomas and me on visit in my long-time friend Kim's home. Besides Home Theatre - Kim has a passion
for bicycles and fitness, maybe we should join him - Thomas would definitely benefit, just look at his "football"

Kim is explaining about the measuring process and setting up his system. Being a live sound engineer and responsible for recording studios for half his life, it gives him the experience of how to tune and EQ the sound better than us visitors. Thomas was really surprised of the capabilities of the system and the sound quality when used as stereo loudspeaker setup - definitly approved and considering the conditions of concrete walls and ceiling. Thomas usually listens to a pair of his own Dynaudio Confidence C4, Confidence C2 or Audience 52 SE + Infinity Intermezzo 1.2S aktiv subwoofer

Kim have made five identical 2-way loudspeakers equipped with ScanSpeak D2904/980000 tweeter and dual 18/W8531G00 woofers. The subwoofers are equipped with Peerless XXLS drivers 2 x 2 woofers in the front and 2 x 1 woofers in the back. The source is a Rotel RDV-1045 DVD player and a Rotel RSP-1068 takes care of the surround processing.
In the near future he will make a new subwoofer box in the front for all of the subwoofer drivers - it will be solidly built and contain 2 woofers for each of the front speakers and also the center speaker = total 6 Peerless XXLS. This way he will get the full potential of his home theatre - all loudspeakers will be defined full-range in the surround processor and no compromising LFE mono sub woofer. Example: U571 DTS version will benefit with a setup like this because the depth charge bombs will "explode" around you instead of only at one place - much more realistic! Uhh!

Kim is telling something about his "old" SPL spectrum meter to Thomas and Ole

The rear loudspeaker system - extremely powerful for a Home Theatre rear speaker - around 700W total!

Kim has improved his listening room with some dampnig on the back wall, which help al lot in the mid-range

BOY - has the boy got new toys - to be exect it's 5 boxes - 163 liters - port 120cm2 x 40cm.
Each box will take 2 pcs. Peerless XXLS 12" © Ground Sound * Products of Denmark