Gallery Urs M

Urs M has constructed an active 3-way closed-box loudspeaker system with drivers
from Aurum Cantus and Scan Speak. The system is power and processed by our Coolback II 600

Conctruction drawing of the loudspeaker (PDF document)

Specs of the close loudspeaker concept designed by Urs

This is the "simple" active loudspeaker system, no multiple bulky power amplifiers etc. filling half
the living room and yet Urs gets high quality sound - actually you only see a set of loudspeakers...
= Real WAF

A better picture of the view from the livingroom

The excellent looking loudspeaker seen from the front

A rear view of the active loudspeaker and the Ground Sound Coolback II 600

Listening to music at night time

Some comments from Urs:

I'm really impressed with the manufacturing quality of the Coolback II 600.

These modules are offering a superb sound and the DCN 23/XOverWizard is a great device to create ambitios crossovers and equalizers. © Ground Sound * Products of Denmark