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MagnePlanar & DIY OB SubTower with 4 x LAT700

Niels contacted me after he purchased the DIY Open Baffle sub towers made by Jan Nielsen. He needed an amplifier with active crossover to control the sub towers. As Jan had used the DCN24 digital crossover in his system... it made sense to do something similar in system that Niels was about to install in his living room. Niels already had a pair of MagnePlanar 1.7 loudspeakers - door size open baffle magnetostat speakers. These were driven by a pair mono tube power amplifiers - Rogue M 180. The system Pre-amplifier was a Mark Levinson 320S. The logical choice would then be an active power amplifier for the towers without interfering with the signal to the MagnePlanars - I was invited to demonstrate a Chassis II 1500 with the digital crossover DCN24. All was relative okay, but a problem in this system design was the delay of the sub towers. It wasn't possible to delay the MagnePlanars without going through the digital filter and no sense in delaying the sub tower even more - in fact a common problem in all subwoofers when placed behind the main speakers. The best placement of a subwoofer is somewhere behind the main speakers because of the impulse response.
Now we agreed on a new demo using the digital crossover / pre-amplifier DCN28 and a H-Amp-XX stereo power amplifier. This would solve the delay issue and Niels would be able to use his Rogue M 180 for the MagnePlanars. This proved to be a very musical solution and Niels decide that the DCN28 and the H-Amp-XX should stay.

Rogue M 180 - tube power amplifier:

The first meet & demo of the active Ground Sound amplifier - Chassis II 1500 digital crossover DCN24

Closer look of the MagnePlanar 1.7 and Open Baffle LAT700 tower

The rack with turntable, CD player, DCN28 and Mark Levison pre

This is how it looked when I left - pretty neat system © Ground Sound * Products of Denmark