Gallery Svend D

Long time Hi-Fi enthusiast & DIY loudspeaker builder

This gallery shows Svend's latest incarnation of a Hi-Fi system with DCN28. Svend has been a DIY loudspeaker enthusiast for many years and have tried a lot of different systems in his living room, but nearly always centred on active crossovers and several power amplifiers. In the early days he started out with a pair of Quad ESL-63 and thereafter he was on the DIY wagon. Here below you can see some of the equipment and loudspeakers that have been through his living room:

Quad ESL-63

2"Compression driver / horn + 15" + 8" Corner subs

The bass tower 8 * 8"drivers

Compression driver / horn + 15" folded front loaded horn

System 2011

Tact RCS 2.2 Preamplifier

DBX DriveRack 4800 & Silica XD4080


Svend has been active on some Danish forums for many years and I got in contact with him because of his enthusiasm of active loudspeaker systems. Besides this enthusiasm he also owned several iP450 power amplifiers from Lab.Gruppen that I had build as a subcontractor for the Swedish PRO amp company. One day we arranged to meet in person, so that I could hear his current system, make some measurements of the loudspeakers and maybe even tune it a bit. We had some fun hours of measuring, swooping digital crossover, tuning PEQ, slopes and crossover points. After this Svend got inspired to try out a new horn tweeter - Beyma TPL-150H. Some months went by swooping horn, different size of woofer drivers in different boxes and some conclusions were made by Svend on the way - the 2 x 6" each side didn't work out at all for Svend and he decided to let me have them and as a favour I promised to come by again and make some measurements and fine tune the system...

BMS 18N860

BMS 4592ND

BMS 12N820

18sound 6ND410

BMS 15N820

Beyma TPL-150H

At the time that I visited Svend again the system had ended up being Beyma TPL-150H + BMS 12" + BMS 18". Svend had improved the acoustics of the room considerable by installing damping in the most critical corners of the room and some more absorbing furniture since the last time I was around - this treatment had definitely change the room into an acceptable listening room. The sound of the system was acceptable and it measured acceptable, but it was not quite as good as I thought it could be. We spent more than 3 hours trying to get some performance, but I wasn't satisfied - I still felt more could be accomplished with such nice drivers and in the improved listening room. Once again the TACT / Silica combination was swooped with DCN28 and some 30 minutes later I was pretty pleased with the sound quality in the improved room - so was Svend but with some despair though. It was ever so clear to him that he had to make another investment... We listened some more time with different music genres - definitely better than ever. We also compared his iP450 amplifiers with a set of Ground Sound power amplifiers - the Ground Sound power amplifier set had more dynamics and somewhat better definition in the lower end, but still it was quite obvious that the biggest improvement was the change of TACT / Silica into DCN28. Some fun hours had gone by and it was time for me to leave. I thought Svend should have time to evaluate the new sound and the option of DCN28's qualities and if DCN28 should be his next investment.

Well – a DCN28 is still the heart of Svend’s system and even his wife approves the sound quality…!

Gated in room Frequency Response of the individual drivers

Impulse response of TPL-150H - PIR

Gated ETC curve of the TPL-150H

Frequency response of the Beyma TPL-150H driver

Frequency response of the new setup in Svend's living room

System PIR

System ETC curve

Total response of the system before further fine tuning

I doubt that this is the end for Svend’s search for improvements, but it has been paused for a while now…
What's next - new drivers, new boxes, new power amplifiers - maybe Svend knows ? © Ground Sound * Products of Denmark