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Is this DIY loudspeaker inspired by the B&W Nautilus 801 ?

I would say definately YES. There is also the detail of leather on the front like Sonus Faber use on thier line of loudspeakers.     Nice !

Jürgen has choosen Eton ER-4 as tweeter, Seas Excel W17EX002 for mid range and Eton 11-581/HEX as bass. Each driver has it's own Thel Accusound40 power amplifier module. These DIY clones are supplemented with a sub-bass-box. A set of Peerless XLS 10" passive / acitve drivers is mounted.

The system was build to be active from the start, but

Jürgen wasn't satisfied with the DBX driverack PA speaker management system. It was even followed by a multi-channel PGA2310 volume control. Although the sound was good, this didn't reduce the noisefloor enough - "it was really annoying at silent passages of a song". It's nice when one has a pitch black background - IMO.

The DBX driverack has been replaced by a DCN24kit dual.

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