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This is the creation of the Neujahr couple. They haven't made that many comments about the sound, but I hope it's as transparent are their beautifully made box. The box is a DCN23kit digital crossover which makes their DIY loudspeakers truly active. The loudspeakers will be a 3-way with Cantare ARG3si (ribbon tweeter), mid-range Fostex FS-21 (magnetostate - dipol arrangement) and 2 x Seas Excel W22EX001 (in a box with two ports - one in each side).

The only comment this far is: "It's sounds very well and makes a lot of fun to hear."

This was the only comment about the sound until I got these enthusiastic comments of their new system:

Now we have finished the setup of the sound. The sound of the boxes is difficult to describe, because you normally have be here to experience it.

The Seas is normally very good woofer, but with this digital crossover they are in either case miles better, deeper and solid, controlled precise. They play when they should play and they are directly stopped at the point. They are playing so controlled like never before.

Our mid-range Fostex FS-21 is playing controlled, too. If you could hear them, you know why the DIY-people says "the best one that ever has been made". The sound is indescribable, the smoothness and the dynamic, the voices, the transparency and the feeling of live playing. You have the feeling you can see into the mouth of the vocals and into the corpus of the instruments.

The tweeter Cantare ARG3si is playing just as well. They don't sound peaked. There are no high resonances to annoy you. The smoothness and parallel transparency, dynamic and delight in playing is inimitable. Each note is singing or playing out with such a harmony and brilliance that we cannot describe.
The result: "That's music, the music is alive like you've never heard it before and you cannot keep your body still because you can feel the music, it makes a lot of fun to hear and you want more and more"

The programm itself is very easy to handle.

Neatly arranged - don't you think?


A view from above

 The proto type of the loudspeaker


More to come in a few weeks time... © Ground Sound * Products of Denmark