Gallery Oliver P
Oliver has made a Box with our Digital Crossover module DCN23 and the Power Supply PSU DCN.
Oliver is using it for different "in progress" loudspeaker projects. For these kind experiments it is very
convenient with the flexibility of the crossover and software.

The Digital Crossover Box fully equipped

Oliver P:
The speakers don't look fancy yet, but they sound incredibly good.
The DCN23 is an excellent tool for me and I don't regret the investment as a development system. With the DCN23 I can completely simulate Sigfrid Linkwitz's ASP for the dipole with the exception of one missing SLP (the existing ones are occupied for the dipole equalization of the sub-woofers and mid-woofer).
The final dipole loudspeaker will be most likely be equipped with some excellent (now again) Danish speakers...

I also appreciate the overall tonal balance of the DCN23. It doesn't sound digitally at all.

The Dipole loudpeaker project - notice the XOverWizard is running on the PC

The Omnipole loudspeaker project - inspired by Sigfrid Linkwitz

A close up of the special arrangement of tweeter and mid-range drivers
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