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Steen has build his own loudspeakers and to power his loudspeakers he is using Ground Sound electronics. It's very typical that it's DIY folks that use our electronics as no loudspeaker manufacturer are offering loudspeakers without passive filtering or they offer their loudspeakers with build-in active electronics and this gallery is a very good example of how to get beyond the level of passively divided loudspeaker technology...

Steen has published the project in the Danish forum: (in Danish).

Steen explaining about his system and other comments:

"The DIY loudspeakers (not yet finished) are 3-way with Audio Technology C-Quenze 23 I (bass), 15 H (mid-range) and NeoCD3.0 (tweeter). Each driver has its own cabinet – the bass is housed in a transmissions line and the mid-range in closed box. I have had a carpenter to build the boxes and at the moment they are in raw MDF, but the plan is that they will be painted maybe with two different colours.
I haven’t made any measurements of the loudspeakers yet – the filter setups are made based upon datasheets of the drivers and a little "fingerspitzgefühl". The Ground Sound gear (including the XOverWizard software for programming the filters) is genius for this!
The principal of transmission line gives an excellent bass.
The loudspeaker boxes stand on SD-feet and a cast iron plate (not seen on the picture)."

"The sound quality is very good in my opinion (naturally)".

"One of the things I'm most excited about the system is that it plays all kinds of music equally well. My previous gear was best for relatively simple music and complex music was typically a bit "muddy" and less tolerable to listen to. It quickly got shrill and less dynamic if the volume was turned up a bit – this is not a problem now, which is nice.
Depth in the soundstage, the entire stereo sound is excellent, especially when good tracks make the listener able to identify individual instruments with nearly millimeter precision. At the moment I hear almost daily improvements in the speakers as the play - it is as if the sound gets free of the boxes".

"It is very clear that the new system are superior to my old speakers, Scan Speak 9500 tweeter, (Holfi-modified) and a 18W/8545 in transmission line. The new speaker hasn’t got more bandwidth, but they are far more detailed than the old ones in the low frequencies and the midrange is also significantly better. Treble, I am not sure if it is necessarily better, but I have noticed that some music with the singer mumbling is generally much easier to understand now, which surely is a good sign".

My system besides the speakers are:
Ayre CX-7e * CD-player
Ayre K-5xe * Preamplifier
Ground Sound 3-way active mono blocks with built-in digital crossover (DCN23) and 3 x 175Watt (8 Ω)
International Reciever Company * DAB/DAB+/WebRadio/WiFi steamer
Xindak XF-1000ES * Mains filter DIY rack (15 years old)

"Yes - the Ground Sound modules are a bit expensive, but I must say that I have not regretted the purchase.
I can most certainly recommend these modules to any DIY’er. The spending is quickly recouped in saved money on expensive components for passive filters. EG. Check the price of components for a 4th order filter, which crosses at 150 Hz - this is not cheap, if the components in series with the signal has to be quality stuff".

"One of the things I have toyed around with is the location of crossover frequency. Now I have placed the cross points at 250 Hz and 2650 Hz. And it is conceivable that it is not optimal in terms of phase relationships, etc., but measurements are probably needed to make a better/optimized setup. As I said, it sounds really good already - but maybe it can be even better".

There will probably be more later - or follow the progress in the thread on the Danish forum. © Ground Sound * Products of Denmark