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Power Supply for Active Ground Sound Solution

 PSU12SA.pdf Manual

PSU12SA is a complete power supply unit with many features. It provides power for DCN23 or DCN24 and a number of PA3CC or PA6CC or other high quality amplifier modules. PSU12SA has separate linear regulated voltages of 3.3V, 5V and +/-11V to supply the DCN23 or DCN24. An input sensing circuit keeps an eye on signal inputs at DCN23/24 to auto start the power amplifiers. A switch selects between ON - STAND BY - AUTO SENSING to ease the use in daily life. If on or signal is present this switches the transformer relay on. The transformer ramps up the 12 pieces low ESR capacitor bank by soft start circuit limiting inrush current to about 7A. When ready, the power amplifiers are unmuted by pullup to GND. There are two LEDs to indicate STAND BY or ON. PSU12SA will ensure enough resources for the power amplifier modules to easily drive, even difficult speaker impedances.

The PSU12SA features a small mains filter on the low power section of the supply, which enhances both sound and function. The 10VA low voltage mains transformer can operate on 230Vac or 115Vac. The regulation of the lower voltage supplies is performed by LDO (Low Drop Out) SMT devices and the supply voltage for the OP-AMPs has been changed to +/-11V for better adaptation of the DCN23/DCN24. Pads have been added on the ON and StandBy LED traces to ease assembly when LEDs are not mounted directly on the board. To ease the adjustment of the softstart circuit for different amplifier power transformer voltages, two resistor are leaded versions and easy accessible.

  • Supply voltage: 220-240Vac or 110-120Vac
  • Maximum current: 15A AC
  • 12 pcs. Audio Grade Electrolytic Capacitors 100V
  • Total capacity >56.000µF
  • Linear regulated 3.3V 250mA
  • Linear regulated 5V 250mA
  • Linear regulated +/-11V 200mA
  • Mains filter for low power section
  • Softstart & mute control
  • Auto Sensing & Operation Switch
  • On / StandBy LED's
  • Weight: app. 1300g
  • Overall dimensions: 180mm x 175mm x 61mm
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