** Discontinued **

Power Supply with Relay Board for DCN23 & DCN24

 PSUDCNII.pdf Manual

PSU DCN II is a power supply unit intended to supply 1 DCN23 or 1 DCN24. PSU DCN features a mains filter to suppress noise generated on the main line 230Vac/115Vac to avoid unwanted noise output of the DCN23/DCN24. Another feature is the relay board. If the DCN23/DCN24 are used as a standalone filter, the relay board should be placed between DCN23/DCN24 and the amplifiers to avoid power on and power off generated noise. The relay board has delay unmute and rapid mute function. The output of the relay board is "pseudo-balanced" to enhance noise suppression on long cables. Notice that a normal 2- or 3-way stereo setup demands 2 DCN23 and 2 PSU DCN, one of each per channel. Our philosophy is to place crossover and amplifiers as close as possible to the loudspeaker to avoid long loudspeaker cables. This is possible due to the mono design of DCN23 and PSU DCN.

  • Supply voltage: 220-240V AC
  • Supply voltage: 110-120V AC
  • Supplying one DCN23 or DCN24
  • Linear regulated 3,3V digital supply 150mA
  • Linear regulated 5V analog supply 150mA
  • Linear regulated +/- 12V op-amp supply 100mA
  • incl. relay board for DCN23/DCN24 outputs
  • Delayed unmute by relays
  • Fast muting by relays
  • On LED
  • Weight: app. 380g
  • Overall dimensions psu: 75mm x 105mm x 32mm
  • Overall dimensions relayboard: 75mm x 30mm x 15mm © Ground Sound * Products of Denmark