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Ground Sound develops heavy and sophisticated gear
review by Morten Bruun-Larsen
and Michael Madsen (measurements)

(Ground Sound commends to review text in parentheses)

Test object: Chassis 1503

The active solution
Because Robert started out in the pro world, it has become a crucial point for him to search for active loudspeaker management where the filtering happens before the amplifiers and each driver is powered by its own individual amplifier module. This demands a crossover, and here we comes to the most interesting product in the Ground Sound product range (according to reviewer), the digital 3-way crossover DCN23. The filter is implemented in the digital domain and interfaced to the real analogue world with A/D and D/A converters from the absolute top class.

The setup of the DCN23 crossover is performed in Ground Sound’s own PC software “XOverWizard”. The software is free and can be downloaded at the company homepage at the DCN23 page

On the surface the XOverWizard seems to be easy to operate, but soon it proves to contain lots of possibilities. © Ground Sound * Products of Denmark