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One of the real smart features, which Robert demonstrated himself on my own DIY dipole loudspeakers, is the possibility to make measurements on a given multi-way loudspeaker system “as is”, which means each driver performance without any filter or correction. Subsequently these measurements can be imported in the XOverWizard and use the software and DCN23 to place crossover points at the right places and correct bad “habits” of the frequency response.
The DCN23 and the “XOverWizard” is really easy at work. The hard part lies in knowing what to do - and especially not to do. But – as all programming is done by PC it’s easy to alter and play around until the final result, in
contrast to the analogue active crossover, where one ends up desoldering the tracks form the PCB in ones eagerness to obtain the perfect frequency response.

The test object
This is a monster of a mono power amplifier construction, that do 3 x 600W at 8 ohms (factual fault: it is at 4 ohms). The weight is reaches 34kg. All – included the chassis alu-profiles – is solid dimensioned, and quiet nice manufactured.

On the front sits one single switch, which selects between ON, OFF and STANDBY.
In standby mode the amplifier turns on if it senses a signal on the input. And… it works quiet good. This small detail isn’t always implemented with success ex. in some subwoofers, but it works without difficulty in the Ground Sound amp.

The test conditions
I primarily used the amplifier to drive my own dipole loudspeakers, configured with Tymphany drivers, ScanSpeak tweeter and midrange, plus Peerless bas. (R2904/, 2 x 18W/, 2 x 10”Peerless)

I wrote it above, and I write it again – DCN23 and the XOverWizard is a brilliant tool for the experimenting DIY loudspeaker builder. The measurement itself requires a microphone, a mixer and PC measurement software….…if one has these tools at hand – it easy to do the measurements.

In the DCN23 you got three individual configurable channels at one’s disposal, which each can have low pass-, high pass-, all pass-filters, equalizers, low/high pass shelves, plus some other features. This is really a flexible tool…….comparable to the Lyngdorf TDA2200 which has the same Texas DSP IC….and it has the same degree of flexibility. (Note: We make more of the DSP's processing power available to the user than Tact/Lyngdorf does !!!) © Ground Sound * Products of Denmark