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The Sound
Now - there is the special about active loudspeakers - that themselves often have more “hole through”, which in my opinion can credit the fact that one has removed the passive components and eliminated all degrading factors between power amplifier and driver. Under these circumstances one does one selve a favour by activating the loudspeakers. With this fact in mind I still say that the sound quality of Chassis 1503 including DCN23 is really, really good.

No doubt that Ground Sound has a combination of DCN23 and XOverWizard which is perfect for the experimenting do-it-yourself person. …you get well designed electronics with lots of power resources……….

If you’re a DIY speaker builder, then there is nearly no way around the fact you have to invest - its fun - it’s easy to operate and play with. Go go.

(Note: This test was performed on the Chassis 1503, which contains 3 pcs PA6CC. The 4 last pictures and comments shows measurements of our mid power amplifier module PA3CC in combination with a lower voltage supply. Therefor none of the measurements reflect the power capabilities of the Chassis 1503 mono amplifier!) © Ground Sound * Products of Denmark