Coolback 600

** Discontinued **
Active Speaker Management System is intended as the back of a speaker. All electronics assembled on it and acting as a heat sink for the amplifier modules. The only visible on the outside are the connectors (Balanced Input, PC Communication and Power inlet), Function Switch (ON-OFF-AUTO) and LED Indicators (ON-StandBy). The Coolback 600 is 220mm wide and 1000mm high - a thickness of 10mm - a flange of maximum 20mm for mounting.



The Coolback 600 is offered as system kit with all included - Coolback 600 aluminium sheet, modules, connectors, switch, leds, wires, screws, distances, washers. The kit is delivered with 3 pcs. PA3CC power amplifier modules.
The Coolback600 kit include these modules and fittings:

  • DCN23 Digital Crossover 24bits 96kHz
  • PA3CC Power Amplifier 300W
  • PSU12SA Power Supply 4 Audio Grade Caps
  • Transformer 600VA Toroidal Silent Design
  • NC3FD-L1-B Neutrik XLR 3-pole male - input
  • NAUSB-B USB adaptor male A-B - PC-interface
  • NAC3MPA Powercon mains connector - 230Vac

The Coolback600 kit offers a very powerful package and a set of features which will benefit even the best loudspeakers.



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