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Digital Crossover - 2 inputs & 4 outputs

 DCN24RPC.pdf Manual

The DCN24RPC is our answer to a highly flexible Digital Crossover, Equalizer and Room Correction Unit. It is a very powerful tool with the XOverWizard II software, which includes measurement system, target functions, optimizer engine – all fully manually or automatically operated. No system restrains in the software!

DCN24RPC is based upon our very successful kit DCN24kit (DCN24 / PSU DCN II) – now all built on the same PCB with optimized mute function and additional preset feature. The module is very similar to the module in the other successful product DCN23BOX and you will be able to order a chassis direct from HiFi2000 / Modu shop - see below ordering info. Having the DCN24RPC module and the chassis you will be able to build a nice digital crossover in 10-15 minutes.

The DCN24RPC is easily operated at setup through the XOverWizard II program running on your PC or in normal daily use without the need of an attached PC – DCN24RPC simply starts processing at power ON. Whenever you like or need to update the setup on DCN24RPC you connect a PC running the software. It only takes 1,5 second for the DCN24RPC to be programmed when you push the button.

With a single DCN24RPC you can make a high-end 2-way stereo active system and two modules will enable you to build a dual mono 4-way active loudspeaker system..

DCN24RPC features 2 input XLR connectors and 4 output RCA connectors. The power is supplied via an IEC plug and PC communication through a standard USB_B connector. The PC-interface is optically isolated to avoid hum and noise. The PC-interface has two LED’s at the back panel indication ongoing programming. The usage of very high performance Burr-Brown converters gives DCN24RPC crystal clear sound and very low noise floor. The sample rate is 96 kHz to extend bandwidth and have low order analogue low pass output filtering. The resolution of converters is 24 bit and the internal signal processor resolution is 76 bit. The signal processor are configured as 4 output channels of 40 IIR each and 2 input channels with additional 10 IIR filters for filtering and equalization. DCN24RPC has a switch for selection of two presets with the 2 x 10 IIR filters in the input processing block. - And don’t ever forget that the speaker drivers are the weakest link in your sound system and this is why you have to pay the most attention here. Of course you also have to adapt the loudspeakers to the room – this is also possible with DCN24RPC.


The XOverWizard II software is a graphical tool to manipulate with input, outputs, gain, crossover frequencies, crossover slopes, equalization and delay. The software has a very significant feature: The ability to import a text file containing measured driver data of frequency, sound pressure level and phase. With these data the XOverWizard II software are able to display frequency response and more, while design are in progress. Compared to this method the “old” trial and error method seems obsolete. The software comes in two versions: A standard version as described above and an advanced version which include measurement system and optimizer. See more details at the XOverWizard II page. The XOverWizard II is required to program DCN24RPC which requires buying the USB dongle-key separately / bundled with the module.


  • Resolution 24bit
  • Sample rate 96kHz
  • 76bit processor precision
  • 180 biquads total processing filters
  • S/N: >110dB
  • Frequency response: 5-48kHz (-3dB)
  • Max. input voltage 12Vpp - 0dB
  • Max. output voltage 14Vpp - 0dB
  • Latency input-output about 1ms
  • Optical isolated USB interface
  • No need for a PC to boot the filter
  • XOverWizard II software
  • 230Vac / 115Vac mains supply
  • Weight: app. 450kg
  • Overall dimensions (WxHxD): 208mm x 35mm x 110mm

DCN24RPC in the HiFi2000 Modu box: © Ground Sound * Products of Denmark