Note: Not sold seperately
Used in Coolback 800, Coolback SUB and custom solutions

Power Supply for Active Ground Sound Solution

PSU8AGS is a complete power supply unit with many features for the Active Ground Sound concept. It provides power for DCN14 or DCN22 and a number of PA1CC and/or PA3CC and/or HPA1K and/or HPA2K. PSU8AGS also features separate unregulated power supply rail voltages for the digital crossovers DCN14 and DCN22.

An input sensing circuit keeps an eye on signal inputs at DCN14 / DCN22 to auto start the digital crossovers and the power amplifiers. A switch selects between ON - STAND BY - AUTO SENSING to ease the use in daily life. If on or signal is present this switches the big transformer relay on. The transformer ramps up the 8 pieces audio grade capacitors (Nichicon or Panasonic) via soft start circuitry limiting inrush current to about 7A. DCN14 / DCN22 controls the soft start circuitry and activates the full power relay after about 2 seconds. There are two LEDs to indicate STAND BY or ON. PSU8AGS will ensure enough resources for the power amplifier modules to easily drive, even difficult speaker impedances.

Please note: PSU8AGS and DCN14 / DCN22 are highly integrated and require each other to operate !

  • Supply voltage: 230-240V AC
  • Maximum mains current load: 15A AC
  • Low StandBy Power - less than 0,2W
  • 8 pcs. Audio Grade Electrolytic Capacitors
  • Power supply for PA1CC, PA3CC, HPA1K and HPA2K
  • Unregulated supply for digital circuitry
  • Unregulated supply for AD/DA Converters
  • Unregulated +/- supply for OP-Amps
  • Power supply for DCN14 or DCN22
  • Soft Start circuitry
  • Auto Sensing & Operation Switch
  • On / Stand by LED's
  • Weight: app. 675g
  • Overall dimensions: 140mm x 185mm x 61mm
Panasonic / Nichicon © Ground Sound * Products of Denmark